Quality Services

We assist suppliers to maximise quality performance within the supply chain and production operations

Our strategy is to fully support the automotive companies and their supply chain to maintain the smooth, JIT supply of composite assemblies and components, thus improving the performance in terms of quality, delivery and cost.

Supporting your business

Our service caters for containment duties at goods receiving or at the point of assembly to ensure the continuation of quality production. Added value can be extended through our technical, consultancy and staffing services including:

  • Quality liaison CSL2 projects
  • Engineering and problem solving
  • CMM and Faro verification
  • Site auditing; supplier development
  • Training and project management
  • Delivering total support provision for the supplier and the OEM.

Our experienced teams

Our staff have knowledge and experience of a wide range of skills, products and processes that reinforce our breadth of support. We use inspectors and engineers with skill levels appropriate to the job/person specification. We continually invest in the recruitment, training and management of our staff and the latest IT system, tools and lean methodology to achieve and maintain world-class standards.

Containment, Inspection & Rework

We have experience with most major OEM’s plus the majority of the 0.5/1 tier supply chain. We fully understand the time and quality critical pressures of JIT/MRP work environments and through our experienced management and support structure we can ensure that the needs of our client portfolio are met and exceeded.

Our competitive advantage is our drive for delivering operational efficiency and maximising output, offering a cost effective and ‘Right First Time’ solution. Where feasible (where variability and subjectivity are not prevalent) we offer ‘Takt Time’ targets and efficiency metrics, ensuring optimum value for money solutions.

Key elements include:
  • Visual aids / work instructions are created using Work Element Sheets to provide the detailed instructions required allowing the operator to fully understand the work requirements and the standard to be achieved.
  • A risk assessment of the operation is carried out and appropriate corrective action implemented. Safety is monitored through an accident/near miss reporting procedure.
  • Resource of the appropriate skill, experience and personal attributes is selected to meet the work criteria and environment.
  • Resource of all appropriate fixtures, gauges, ES Test Equipment, general equipment, tools, packaging, labels and consumables.
  • Compliance is regularly monitored via comprehensive ‘Process’ and ‘Employee’ audits.

Contained Shipping Level 2

Controlled Shipping (CSL 2) is used by GM/Opel for suppliers that are having difficulty resolving quality issues on their products. Aktrion Automotive, via it’s joint venture Aktrion Bridge, have General Motors/Opel’s full accreditation and approval to provide any Controlled Shipping (CSL 2) work across Europe on behalf of their suppliers. In these circumstances, Aktrion Bridge’s responsibility is to ensure all shipments are defect-free, support the supplier in identifying the root cause of the quality issues and implementing corrective actions in the production process or design to eliminate these problems.

This approval is recognition of our position as one of the leading quality services provider in Europe. As well as an extensive network of operations throughout Europe, we also have associated operations in the USA and India. In addition to controlled shipping, Aktrion Bridge can provide assistance to suppliers in identifying root cause and implementing permanent corrective actions.

Aktrion Bridge Partnership Ltd is a Joint Venture company between Aktrion Automotive and Bridge Enterprises specifically for the purpose of servicing GM Opel and it’s suppliers. Aktrion Automotive has a European-wide network providing inspection, rework, problem resolution and quality management support, whereas Bridge Enterprises specialises in performing business improvement projects for clients.


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Through the new partnership with Bridge Enterprises, we can provide a proven track record in the full service of quality resolutions all the way up to full operation and turnaround of manufacturing facility or hands-on support for the management in re-engineering the operation.

CMM Measurement

We provide CMM technical support for all hardware and software needs. Our qualified technicians offer wide and varied ‘hands on’ experience in operation and programming on the latest machines and operating programmes.

In addition, we have a tailor made measuring service combining the latest in Portable Co-ordinate Measuring Machines with personal experience of the manufacturing industry, giving you the benefits of additional CMM demand (eg. batch inspection/verification), flexible gauging for one-off/infrequent requirements and problem solving (Six Sigma statistical analysis, geometry stack-up).

Specialist Services & Product Life Cycle Support