Quality Engineering


Quality Engineering

Aktrion Automotive Quality Engineering

We offer expertise and experience in quality engineering, whether it be for new product launches, accreditations, audits, supplier development, systems, quality improvement programmes or problem solving. Our engineers are experienced professionals in:

  • Process Improvement – Six Sigma and Kaizen
  • Quality Systems TS 16949 and VDA 6 Auditing and Implementation
  • APQP
  • PPAP
  • Control Plans
  • SPC
  • Process and Tooling Poke Yoke
  • TOPS 8D
  • Minitab 17 Reporting
  • Product and process layered auditing.

We can provide highly experienced professionals to work alongside your staff or a complete team plus management to take full responsibility for a whole programme/project.

Our existing clients not only benefit from the flexible resource that we can provide, but also the expertise, wider experience and fresh ideas that our team can bring. Accompanied with our highly professional approach to programme management, this ensures a highly effective solution to your quality issues.

Supplier Development

Effective management of the supply chain continues to be a rapidly developing theme in all areas of production in automotive. We have many years experience assisting our clients to fully develop these relationships to ensure maximum usage within the supply chain of all the skills, expertise and resources that exist within the supplier base.

We can support you by working closely with your suppliers to develop and improve quality, delivery and cost performance, ensuring that any improvements and cost reductions that can be achieved down the supply chain are brought to reality.

As part of our Quality Services we perform quality and production audits either on behalf of OEM’s or internal audits on behalf of suppliers as part of their own quality improvement process and management review processes.

We are the approved company for General Motors Europe for all their supplier quality management and supplier development across Europe, successfully managing that contract with 100% performance rating throughout Europe.

Regular client reports

These are provided on each supplier to include:

  • Supplier Status Reports
  • Quality performance (where required)
  • Training program details
  • Total cost
  • Recommended actions
  • Client concerns
  • Next period plan
  • Continuous improvement plan progress.

We will work with you to compile a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a comprehensive set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These form the basic measurement tool for the performance of the supplier development progam and the improvement of that supplier’s performance over time, all of which is driven by our ‘master schedule’ of activities and targets.

Resident Engineering

Aktrion Automotive Training

Given our diverse support capability we are in a position to offer an extremely cost effective solution to worldwide quality liaison support. With site resident and local regional engineers we can offer major benefits to your business. The service will be provided by a resident Team Leader or Engineer and will comprise the following:

  • Build relationships with customer Plant Quality, Logistics and Production personnel
  • Inspect any customer plant rejects
  • Discuss any concerns raised by the customer carrying out full investigation to determine clear problem definition
  • Provide detailed description of any concern to the nominated client contact detailing any identification/batch numbers. Email digital photographs of suspect parts to assist with problem resolution and 8D Completion.
  • When necessary, arrange for parts to be shipped back to client
  • Liaise with client and your customer to ensure introduction of corrective actions and problem cut-off is managed at the customer plant
  • Provide detailed weekly reports to nominated client representatives
  • Provide intelligence reports to Client on issues likely to affect them (eg. changes to shift patterns, holiday working, etc.).

We very clearly understand the importance (to both suppliers and OEM’s) for suppliers to have a representative at OEM sites to liaise, report back and assist with any issues at a moment’s notice. We also understand the difficulty and cost of doing this with permanent staff at all customer sites, particularly within a global supply chain. We can offer locally based resident engineers to represent the supplier within the OEM site, either on a full time basis or on a fully flexible part-time basis. This service provides the supplier with:

  • Regular liaison with key OEM staff on site
  • Real time feedback on product status
  • Quality concern contention/verification and evaluation
  • Concern management support (eg. 8D reports, inspection/rework procedures)
  • Concern cost control
  • Concern resolution support
  • PPAP and APQP process support.

This can be provided at a much lower cost base than a full time in-house resident, or using your own staff when taking into consideration all the travelling and lost time costs that this involves.


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