Within Aktrion we have our own specialist recruitment business. Aktrion’s Specialist Recruitment Services have the ability to handle the recruitment of large numbers of personnel for organisations. Solutions that really are permanent – we get the right people, despite the tight labour market, because we know where to find them, how to attract them and how to match them to the project needs and culture so that they’ll stay.

Due to the requirements of training and product familiarisation and our desires to ensure a highly productive and motivated team, staff retention is absolutely vital for us. Therefore our recruitment process is focussed on ensuring we recruit people with the right personal characteristics and culture to fit into and stay with both the project and Aktrion.

Candidate Attraction

Successful candidate attraction is a combination of local market knowledge and specialist expertise. At Aktrion we choose the best possible candidates using the information that the project requires. At this stage of the recruitment process we send a strong, distinctive message to these people.

Job/Task Analysis is about the tasks which must be performed to do a job. It is not about the person. It involves examining in detail the particular duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job. The analysis looks at the areas of knowledge and skills needed by the job.

Job Description: the job description gives a clear indication of what work the employee does, initially to help fill an open position and later to support performance management and appraisal.

We aim to find outstanding people to fill all of the positions required. Key factors such as remuneration, job title and development opportunities obviously influence response rates.  Aktrion uses a variety of specialist channels to reach key candidate markets and possesses the expertise, knowledge and network to attract the right candidates.

Training and Development

Generally, training and development needs are initially identified through the induction process for both new members of staff and those transferring from other businesses through the completion of a skill matrix. Members of staff are provided with a job and competency profile and set initial objectives. Thereafter, needs are identified through the performance management process, which includes a review of progress and future requirements on a six monthly basis

Aktrion is able to offer a range of career opportunities. Professionally qualified individuals may advance their career by undertaking more complex technical roles and by assuming managerial responsibilities.

The effective training of our employees is essential to both Aktrion and our client’s short and long term success. The Policy is in place to ensure all staff have the right skills, knowledge and tools to allow them to carry out their job and to continually develop.

It is through the application of a comprehensive and consistent approach to identifying and addressing training needs that we are able to ensure the quality and efficiency of the service we provide to our customer.

Training is aimed at two levels:

  • Improving staff performance, which involves identifying both common and individual needs taking into account business and personal requirements
  • Personal continuous development

These will be met through formal training programmes and events, on the job training, coaching and mentoring.

A wide variety of methods are used, incorporating both on the job and off the job methods. These include both in house and external training courses, professional education schemes, self-directed learning such as books, training manuals, seeking feedback, personal study and research and on the job training such as peer or supervisor instruction, coaching, secondments and work shadowing.

NVQ Programmes

In particular, Aktrion will have over 100 people at any time embarked on a NVQ Level 2 training programme which are run internally by Aktrion using our own and some external trainers. This programme typically lasts for 12 months and many employees then move straight onto NVQ Level 3 programmes. In addition, Aktrion can and does provide these NVQ programmes for client staff, managing the complete programme and certification on behalf of the client.


Aktrion also operate apprenticeship schemes for new young employees, typically starting at ages between 18 -20. These are run in conjunction with local colleges and typically last 2 years. As part of our service offering for clients, we can include client longer term requirements for trained staff in assessing our apprenticeship intake in a particular area and year so that we can operate the apprenticeship scheme on behalf of the client.

Specialist Services & Product Life Cycle Support