Industry 4.0

Supporting the fourth industrial revolution with automation and data exchange solutions in manufacturing technologies.

ARROW Web-based Monitoring and Reporting

  • Real Time Reporting Dashboard
  • Part Status OK / NOK / Re-worked figures filtered instantly to required date range.
  • Analysis QOS Trend, Pareto and Individual Monitor data for Part or Supplier.
  • GPS Inspection location part / vehicle
  • Burn Down Part or Vehicle List with full part traceability
  • Document control all in one shared real-time accessible folder

Aktrion WHALES Warehouse Management System

  • Vertical warehouse of System
  • SAP Interface, exchanging over 400 messages per day.
  • Barcode, radio frequency tags, pick to light viewers, picking by voice systems…
  • Bespoke customer solutions – OEM Case Studies.

PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) Portal

  • Runs on ARROW Platform
  • Supplier PPAP: All submitted PPAP documents, approvals and for pending requests. Able to upload/download documents.
  • Aktrion Validation: Read access to uploaded documents and validate
  • Customer Concurrence: Access to each supplier’s PPAP documents, pre- validations, approvals. Able to raise a new PPAP request, define requested PPAP level, choose validation engineer for the task, refuse or concur final approval.

Vision Systems

  • Computer Vision Failure Detection Applications
  • Using vision sensors and systems.
  • BESPOKE CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS – Our technology and process skills.
  • Developing Cost and Poke Yoke Effective Solutions.

Voice Recognition Systems

  • Voice Commands to Improve Operation Continuity
  • Process Efficiency Improvement
  • Suits manual intensive processes
  • Client Bespoke Solutions e.g. Engine Weld Repair
  • Outline of working application case study and benefits.

Aktrion Web-based Learning Portal

  • A distance learning problem solving and management skills training platform. Web based tuition support. Multi-lingual standardised induction and staff development programmes.
  • Business Improvement modules including: Strategic Management, Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Project Management, Problem Solving and Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt.
  • Quality Tools and Methodology.

Specialist Services & Product Life Cycle Support