Supporting all aspects of new product and facelift process needs. From design concept to product testing and validation.

Vehicle Preparation

Vehicle preparation for prototype public road testing. Camouflage application, road testing and reporting.


Developing prototypes for test and verification against specification needs. All materials and technologies, Hot & Cold Forming, Plastic & Carbon fibre, Assemblies, etc. Including design review, re-design support expertise, prototype development and testing and manufacturing cost evaluation.

Full CAD/CAE Design Service

Full Design Support Service with: Design Creation and Modification, Development Analysis and Optimization, using Expert Resource in CAD / CAE, utilizing All Platforms Windows, Linux, UNIX etc. Offering a Project Management Full Service with Worldwide Resource Capability and Offices Poland, Spain, Turkey and Japan.

ovisVA/VE (Value Analysis / Value Engineering)

Improving new and existing designs, e.g. reducing manufacturing cost, reducing weight, improving safety, improving appearance etc.

Crash Test Simulation

Using our virtual crash test software to measure the effect of impact on each car part and the effects on passengers. Supporting the design of safer vehicles.


Design, manufacture and calibration / R&R of jigs, fixtures, tooling, gauges and ES (engineering specification) test rigs.

Launch Support

Safe launch support with 6 Sigma / lean DMAIC / DFSS specialists, Worldwide Liaison / Resident Engineer provision for PPAP, APQP, Run at Rate support activities. Full vehicle compound audit and rectification. Supplying extensive and diverse skill sets to both inspect, test, retrofit and rework / rectify any found faults.

Specialist Services & Product Life Cycle Support