Our presence in Brazil

We established our office in Latin America in 2010 and since then have spread across Brazil and Argentina, supporting our customers' needs.

Although we can (and do) provide services on an ad hoc basis, our strategy is to develop relationships with the sites where we work to the mutual benefit of the site and its suppliers. This is demonstrated by the fact that we enjoy “preferred” status with the majority or OEM and first Tier-1 suppliers worldwide. For further details go to www.aktrion.br.com

Key benefits

  • Part of Aktrion since 2010
  • Offices in Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Brazil (Curitiba, Camaçari)
  • Established in South America as part of a group expansion policy, and to continue to support Aktrion’s global customer base
  • We offer quality services and support to automotive suppliers and OEMs
  • Due to our wide range of services, we can offer a cost effective solution for quality
  • Providing engineers in each geographic area is a great advantage to our customers.

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Specialist Services & Product Life Cycle Support